I’ve arrived!

Four-hour drive to JFK: $50
One-way 15-hour plane ticket with five-hour layover in Mexico City: $640
Hamburgesa con guacamole y papas Crisscross: 75 pesos mexicanos
Comida para comer en el avion: 60 pesos  mexicanos
Finding out (from a gracious passenger who could translate it) that after your five-hour layover, you still might not get out of the airport until the next morning because the airline sent a smaller plane than the one they sold everyone tickets for: Priceless

A family of 20 voluntarily stayed behind so that they wouldn’t be separated. Whoever you are, thank you.

When I was boarding the plane in NY, the airline people spoke to me in English. It was funny. Like, “Jaja” funny. They of course offered Cuervo on the plane. And when the sun rose this morning, we were flying over The Andes. They were beautiful. They were taller than the clouds, and they looked something like this (not my photo):

Damn, it’s hot down here, and I’m a North American without her air conditioning. 🙂 Luckily it’s starting to rain.


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