dos semanas

Tonight my host family laughed out loud when I used “cagarse” perfectly. I guess gringas don’t talk about crap. Tomorrow: “puta madre.”

Tonight, my teammates and I were going to walk (dos cuadras) to the bus stop from rugby practice. It’s in Flores. One of our coaches took the eight of us there in the back of his van. You know those movies where the cops open the back of the van and 30 people walk out? That’s what it felt like.

This weekend, a bunch of us went to Gualeguaychu, “the third best carnival in the world.” I’d really shoot for a better title if I owned that company. “The most awesome carnival in ever.” Oops, I’m showing my American-ness. Anyway, there, in the medical tent, I learned the phrase “Me caí.” (Don’t worry, Mom! It’s just a scratch.) I also learned that reggaeton is fucking awesome, people take any opportunity to hit on you, and that I can name all 50 states faster than Joey Tribbiani.

Here’s a picture of the beach, somewhere. Apparently Uruguay is on the other side.

Oh, and nobody spoke English to me today. I must be learning… 🙂 Or getting some sun.


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