I need a donation.

I thought beggars would disappear when I left the third world. Turns out there are more here, only they dress better.

They,  too, will try to make you feel guilty for not donating “just a coin.” They, too, think that if you’re walking down the streets of the city, or perusing the streets of the Internet, you must have money to donate to their cause.

But here’s the thing.

I care about Haiti, and I care about breast cancer. I think St. Jude’s is a great place for cancerous children to be treated, and I think it’s great that the Make A Wish foundation helps them out.  I wish there were no earthquakes so the peopple of Southern Chile wouldn’t have lost their homes. I love how Jon Stewart cares about autism education, and how Stephen Colbert auctioned a signed Declaration of Independence for charity. My heart aches for people with degenerative diseases like MS and Alzeheimers, and I hope today’s scientists can find a cure.

But I’m tired of being yelled at from across the room every time I walk through the Student Union because people want the cash in my pockets. I’m tired of not being able to watch a movie in my room because strangers knock on the door nightly and won’t go away until I empty my pockets of change. And I’m tired of signing onto Facebook just to see even more donation inquiries.

So here’s MY cause: Peace, Quiet, and Freedom from your Solicitations.  Because if I had the money to donate to earthquake victims and flood victims and people with diseases, I would. And if I spent all of my money for living expenses trying to save the homeless population of New York, I would be homeless, too.


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