So much for Sanity

Regarding the midterm elections

Nobody died for my right to vote. They died because of unethical draft policies that forced people of poorer classes into uniform during wartime, while the richer classes could afford to attend college. Struggled, sure. People also struggled for my right to have an abortion, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to run out and make sure I get one just because I can.

You have a right not to vote just as much as you have a right to vote. Yes, I think it’s better for our country if you vote in every election and treat even the smallest elections as the most important events of our time, but if you don’t want to, that’s the right choice for you. And I have to respect that.

People struggled for our right to be a douchebag, and we shouldn’t abuse that privelege either.

So let’s stop screaming at each other, stop making them feel ashamed, and lighten up. Our country is beautiful, our fellow citizens are far smarter than we give each other credit for, and misplaced anger isn’t going to bring back the Democrat’s majority in the House.

Not that I ever liked Nancy Pelosi anyway.


Things that really were different this time

Because of a recent Supreme Court ruling, corporations were allowed for the first time to funnel money directly into campaigns.

Fewer people voted because they didn’t know as much about the candidates.

More people voted for Boehner because they love Boners.

The pendulum swung back from 2006 when we voted for anyone but the Republicans.

Democrats got gang-Teabagged.

The first black president wasn’t running.

Nobody got the Colbert Bump because Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t let congresspeople go on The Colbert Report.


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