My work in immigrants’ rights

If there’s one important thing about civil liberties, it’s getting people to stand up for the rights of those who can’t protect their own rights. If there’s one thing I want to do this year, it’s inspire activists of all backgrounds to stand up for immigrants’ rights.

I’ve never seen a man at a women’s rights seminar. I’ve never met a straight person who was in the LGBTA. I don’t know a lot of white supporters of affirmative action, and I don’t know nearly enough non-immigrants who are involved in immigrants’ rights work.

Let’s change that.

This year, let’s bring non-traditional activists into immigration advocacy. Let’s remind every non-immigration civil rights group that repealing the 14th Amendment just to keep immigrants’ children from becoming citizens will hurt everyone in the nation and make it nearly impossible to sue the government for equal protection under the law.

Let’s tell businesses how the laws to fine them for hiring undocumented immigrants will cause them an unnecessary administrative burden.

Let’s tell taxpayers that it’s not the job of the federal government to mandate that local law enforcement enforce federal immigration laws and find their own way to pay for it.

Let’s educate the public about what’s really going on, and lead people in the community to stand behind each other. Immigrants’ rights are human rights, and the civil liberties of all people need to be protected whether the Department of Homeland Security likes it or not.

When it comes to political issues, immigration is as controversial as they come. It was in 1850 and will be in 2050. As long as we have media and community members ranting and raving about immigration, let’s give them some real information. Let’s fill them in on the facts and encourage them to stop spreading unsubstantiated myths about immigrants. Let’s start a public discourse.

Let’s give them something to talk about.


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